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The world's most exquisite vacation rentals.
Accredited by Sirreti.

Destination Types

Mountains & Lakes

Exquisite villas and chalet set amongst some of the world's most dramatic landscapes.

Beach & Ocean

Stunning beachside villas offering tranquility and access to glorious coastline.

Town & City

Carefully appointed properties that take advantage of city culture and entertainment.

Rural Splendor

Serene farmhouses, villas and stately homes tucked away offering privacy and discretion.

New Additions

About The Sirreti List

The Sirreti List is an independent collection of the world’s finest vacation rentals.  

For a property to make it onto The Sirreti list, it must reach the accreditation standard set by Sirreti.  A property can apply for accreditation at any time and each application is assessed by the Sirreti Accreditation Panel.

The Sirreti Accreditation Panel is comprised of leading industry experts from around the world.  Each member of the panel has extensive knowledge of what it takes to own, run and manage a luxury vacation rental.

Only a small number of properties that apply to join The Sirreti List meet the required standard each year.

If you’d like to know more about the vacation rental accreditation process, please visit our dedicated property accreditation page on

Sirreti List Partners


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